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Dana Rae, owner of Grand Wrapids, completed her Interior Design program at Grand Rapids Community College. One of the most impactful projects during her schooling was at the Macabe Marlow Historical Home, decorating for Christmas! Who knew so much inspiration would be found? Seeing her perfectly wrapped presents, under the perfectly lit tree was the moment wrapping became her passion. Family was the first to see this in her, from money shirts and pizzas, to Ornate "Momma-in-Law" gifts, each present had its own personality true to the recipient.  A core value she nurtures is creating a service and a relationship of equal quality and impact. When it comes to the holiday season, the entire experience is highly personal and should be treated as such. This experience includes the presentation of gifts; Dana shares the excitement of selecting gifts that truly represent each person. Where most run into anxiety is the process of wrapping these gifts in a way that expresses this excitement. Dana focuses on reflecting the feeling you get when you see your gift, onto the coverings that are used to wrap it.


Dana Rae, Creative Gift Wrapping Specialist 

Dana Rae, Creative Gift Wrapping Specialist 

Autumn Road

Can you keep a secret?

We hope not, we LOVE referrals!

Magnified Grass

Diaper Cake 

Pleated Fabric

"I hired Grand Wrapids to wrap a gift for an upcoming baby shower and boy was I impressed. Not only did the wrapping WOW everyone at the baby shower, it even matched the University of Michigan themed gift! Grand Wrapids is the place to hire if you're looking for your gift to stand out amongst the crowd!"

Alex Cooley

U of M Baby

"I was fortunate enough to receive gifts wrapped by Grand Wrapids at my baby shower in March (2020). I can attest to the fact that these gifts were so beautiful that I almost wanted to leave them wrapped! They were so unique and creative and their attention to detail is unparalleled! If you want your gifts to stand out among the rest, Dana is your girl!"

Kim Gugliotta

Oh Baby!

"I asked for money this year for my birthday, but never expected anything so cool. I started counting how much it was worth right away!  It was worth a ton of money so I took it apart. Maybe if it would've been all $1 bills I would've kept it together." 

Luca Menestrina, 13

Money Shirt


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